If you have the option to choose a vehicle from a wide range of automobile brands instead of just one brand, wouldn’t you rather opt to lease a car with the company offering more options? At NJ Lease Deals, our consumers choose to lease an auto with us since we offer a multitude of options. Another appealing feature of our corporation is our sole online business platform. Our clients like being able to search for a vehicle, submit their lease application and paperwork—without needing to leave their home. On top of that, we deliver the car to your door.

Additionally, we work hard to go beyond our clients’ expectations of our company. If doing business with a company that truly values your business and is responsive when you reach out, then call us during regular business hours to speak with one of our auto leasing professionals for more details.

Discounted Leasing Rates

We have made it easier for our clients to lease a car from our company, but that’s not all. Another benefit of leasing with our company is our discounted leasing rates. We only charge a fraction of what the competition charges. The auto leasing rates with by NJ Lease Deals are far more manageable. In addition to our competitive auto lease rates, we modify each auto lease payment plan to work with each client.

We designed our company plan to be unlike traditional businesses in that we operate exclusively online. Without a physical location, we removed unnecessary expenses from our budget. By eliminating these added expenses, we can offer lower auto leasing rates. If you would like more information on our leasing rates, reach out to us by calling (201)-252-4540.

Early Lease Termination

When you decide to end your auto lease before the conclusion date, you run the risk of incurring an early lease termination fee—especially if you lease with a traditional leasing company. Except, when you lease a car with our auto leasing company and suddenly need to return it before to your car lease date of conclusion, we work with you to help alleviate any stress related to the situation to ensure the transaction is smooth instead of hassling you and charging a high early lease termination fee.

Regardless of the situation, which we understand it could be a variety of reasons, we prefer to work to find a better solution than simply terminating your lease early. For example, if you opt to do so, we can look for someone in the market for a shorter lease term and could take over the remainder of your lease. To discuss your options when you need to terminate your lease early, please call to speak with one of our professional agents.

Lease Return Policies

At NJ Lease Deals, our procedures are laid out for you to examine prior to leasing your vehicle. Additionally, our expert leasing agents explain our terms in detail to ensure you understand our lease return policies. Upon returning your automobile, they are put through a rigorous inspection procedure before we close out your lease contract.

Finding signs of use are expected, but we are searching for damage, not signs of use. You will receive a final statement from us after the inspection process has been completed. You are welcome to lease another automobile if you would like. For more details, please contact us at (201)-252-4540.